Christmas: A runner’s edition

Our family has a long standing tradition of opening gifts to each other on Christmas Eve and then Santa brings toys on Christmas Day. This year my husband realized my Fitbit was falling apart and bought me a new Fitbit Blaze. I like it. I like that it resembles a watch more than the Charge HR.  My only complaint is that I can’t figure out how to use connected GPS. I think I am missing a setting somewhere in there. I’ll keep tinkering but it frustrating me to no end.


The hardest part of running…

Getting out the door! Or to the treadmill.  

Today I will get out there and run. Somehow. 

NYC Lottery

Last week a running friend polled and asked what the group’s goals were for 2018. I was all over the place as always. At that point I was all about the 5k. I want to break 30 minutes next year and run consistently. Funny though, I had put in for the NYC lottery but thought it was a long shot. Lo and behold…
I am feeling inspired. I know I can do this. I have proven I can “get through” a 5k, 10k and 13.1 but I need to buckle down and attack running. My focus for Q1 is to tackle NYC and then work on the 5K.



Long run 

I am procratinating a lot this

 morning. 8 miles is going to take me a while as I am slow but it will happen. 

Because I will be out there for a is some stuff I need. Hat ✔Sunscreen ✔ water belt ✔ energy gel for the mid point rehydrate for when I get back ✔ watch to track. ✔ 

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At the start

7.43. I couldn’t bring myself to run by my home one more time as I misjudged the distance. 

Things that would have made it better:

1. Bug spray

2. Unexpired honey stingers

3. Body glide

4. Gum.

Taking care

Well. This is a kick in the butt. My good cholesterol is high and my thyroid is not working right. That means fix my diet, exercise with more purpose, and check if I need to make changes to my thyroid medicine.  That twenty pounds I gained isn’t doing me any favors  and I am going to have to work harder to lose it.

Ambassador Wooten checking in…

A couple months ago, I applied to be a soundRUNNER ambassador. I was certain they wouldn’t pick me. I am not fast, I don’t place in races, and in fact, I am a back of the packer so to speak. I once finished a tri dead last.  But I love to run (well, it is a weird relationship), talk about running and I LOVE the social aspect of running. Winter Warrior is my favorite time of year for running. So I hit send. 
I got picked! 
Together with 12 others, I will be a soundRunner ambassador. Our group wants to help teach runner safety from both the runner perspective and the motorist. We are also working to spread the word about living a healthy  

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